Reviews from Happy Soares Pumping Customers

Comments: Excellent service, I always recommend Soares Pumping. John was very personable and polite. Thank you.

Bob K., Middleboro, MA

"I am now living the first house I have ever been in with a septic system. I know nothing about them and the thought of how it all works was very daunting. I have been in the house for a couple years and figured it was time address it. I called Soares and they had a knowledgeable, patient, courteous and professional technician to the house in a couple days. Bruno answered all my questions and allayed my concerns. All in all, Soares made what could have been a very stinky situation and came out smelling like rose!"

Brian O., Bridgewater, MA

Guys were great and very professional! I would use this company again and also tell other to use this company.

Dennis D., East Bridgewater, MA

Comments: Great Job!:) Thank You.

Vivien L., Taunton, MA

Services We Offer

  • Septic Pumping
  • Title V Inspections
  • Installations
  • Repairs

Septic Pumping

The purpose of pumping is to remove the solids before they block up your septic system’s leach field.  Our pricing is determined by the gallons pumped from your system.

The tank is backwashed at the time of pumping and, if the filter is accessible at the time of pumping, we will clean it at no extra cost.  If the cover to your system is not exposed, we can find and uncover it for you!

We have the capabilities to raise the cover so it is permanently exposed.  This will prevent the need for digging in the future.

We also have a maintenance program to remind you when your system is next due to be pumped!

Pointers for a Longer Lasting System

  • Regular maintenance is essential to get the most out of your systems life span
  • Powdered detergent has a tough time breaking down (liquid detergent is recommended)
  • Be aware of leaking sinks or running toilets, this water usage can add up over a long period of time
  • Avoid putting cooking grease, fats, paint, cigarette filters, feminine products, wipes, paper towels & cat litter down drains or toilets.
  • Be sure to know where the system is located in your yard to avoid driving over any components of the system

Title V Inspections

A Title V Inspection is a complete exam of all components in the system to ensure it is working properly.

When selling your home, Massachusetts requires this inspection.

Digging is normally required to be able to observe all the different parts of the system.

You will receive a 17 page report with all the details of the inspection

Find out more about Title V inspections.


A Perc test is needed to create an engineered designed plan of the new system

Once the plans are provided and evaluated by the installer a quote can be provided


We offer the following repairs for your septic system:

  • Jet wash lines
  • Snake lines
  • Camera Lines
  • Repair broken lines
  • D-box repair
  • D-box installation
  • Leach field rejuvenation
  • Replace covers
  • Replace filters
  • Replace Tee’s

Septic Services We Offer

Title 5 Inspections

Licensed and Insured

Electric Drain Cleaning

Electric snake used to clear blocked lines

Main Excavation Service

Minimize lawn damage when digging

Septic Repairs and Installations

Fully staffed and equipped for all your needs

High Pressure Water Jetting

Used to clear blocked lines

Sundays and Emergency Service

We have technicians on call after hours & on Sundays

200 Foot Suction Hose

Eliminates driving on lawns

Vacuum trailer Service

For commercial accounts

Experienced & Trained Technicians

Non commission-based sales

Electronic Locating

Modern equipment to locate components of your system

Covers raised to ground level

Easier access for pumping and maintenance

Video Camera Lines

Ability to locate problems in lines

Hydro Jet & Chemically Treat Leach fields

Environmentally safe products

Filter installations

Eliminates solids carrying over to leach field